The cave of swallows is one of the most famous caves in the world. It has the second deepest entrance drop of the world, 376m deep.
The Spanish name Sótano de las Golondrinas means Basement of the Swallows owing to the many birds which live in holes on the cave walls. Every morning the flocks of birds exit the cave by flying in an upward spiral until they reach the opening. In the evening, the birds circle the mouth of the cave and a small group of around fifty breaks off and flies straight down towards the opening. When they pass through the entrance the birds pull in their wings and free-fall, extending their wings and pulling out of the dive when they near their nests. Watching this has become popular with tourists.

Going down the into pit means a 20 minute abseil to the bottom. Getting back out requires a climb up a rope with rope clamps.

In the last few years the cave has become popular with base jumpers and parachutists.


Ciudad Valles-Matlapa
Huehuetlán, SLP, Mexico


  • Season open: all year
  • Fee: Entrance to the cave requires a permit, but the birds can be observed for free.



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Base Jumping Video

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